Full Grief Lyrics

(Verse 1)

if my people knew,
the hurt,
the cut,
everyday like an upper cut
Police don’t wanna show us love,
the neighbours don’t wanna know what’s up,
but what’s up,
I just wanna get dumb high cause I’m tired of getting dumb fucked
& I had conversation with myself,
A sign of detrimental health,
Is it common to get common wealth?
I asked the brothers of a portrait of themselves
emasculated with guns that they know to well
institutionalized with bars that they know to well
institutionalized with wishes yeah we know two well,
& why do you think we dwell,
cause they fell before the mother felt a child below the belt,
she had lashes but police hit below the belt
Disenfranchised grief,
I couldn’t create release for peers who lost names the length of sleeves,
& I don’t envy him
Confined to a happy place existing only in memories
& speak about memories
I had a dream Martin and Trey von were screaming remember me
Yo unquestionably,
I try not to fuck it up true to celibacy,
& you should be treated with credibility and with delicacy,
& technically ethically,
A destruction occurred around my residency,
Which you constituted conceived constructed before it becomes elusive,
& what’s the exclusive?
Another dead brother we never knew this
surround us in violence till we become so clueless
so we start looking for clue less and start treasure shooting,
& like does Vladimir Putin really like poutine?
& what the fucks war
& what the fucks the third world really for,
if we still reside in earths very core


& What’s worse,
pretending that I don’t see it,
Why you wanna pry on weakness?
I have no hope for our fetus…
& what’s worse,
this aint the land of the dreaming,
this aint the land of believing,
I’m feeling hopeless and defeated

(verse 2)
Homie making a collect call better grab the Kleenex,
A grievous persistence of the injury the system inflicted,
Shoulda lived my life course to the statistics otherwise it be bad for business,
& now we got lynch kid,
so we forget about the lynching’s before the Lincolns,
Beast mode what you thinking?
Well I’ve been drinking,
thinking the system tryna make us extinct but we act instinctive,
on a rocky train true to creed seed
its not really discreet,
greed exceeds,
the goodness in the world hates the nexus texas,
should’ve guessed it in November


Am I really going far?
No wait,
Ama go to chart,
these are,
the driving forces keep me steady going otherwise I’m a  fall,
I say hold on , ill be ok
Even though, I seem to fall on my face.
The kids be praying for better days
Oh Lord, we need a break
we pray, for better days
oh yes we
pray, for better days
oh yes we pray.

(Verse 3)

I’m thinking the juxtaposition,
educated kids held back by tuition
saying the current condition of economic plummetion,
so why the fuck should I have an ambition?
& this is my inquisition,
but you say put the key in engine while I stay in the kitchen key in ignition,
& this is for the kids in the system defying the prisms,
understand you could die in an instant and the tumor wont be in remission,
So you gotta stand tall surpass your condition,
I know you plagued by the competition and they hella gifted
& poverty seems to be your very composition,
but listen you gotta do this for the poor defenceless
I been feeling like Judas for the whole semester,
Heart ripping its feeling polyester,
I see the jesters,
tryna give suggestions but fuck their gesture,
cant stomach it close to ingestion,
I wonder if the world is gonna see my essence ,
too poor to be gifting presents so all I got is my very presence.

The kids be praying for better days,
oh Lord we need a break,
we pray for better days,
oh yes we ,
we pray for better days,
oh yes we pray,
We pray for better days, oh yes we




Full Descent Of Adam Lyrics


They don’t love you now
they don’t love me now,
Please don’t hurt me now,
Please don’t hurt me now
Please don’t let me down,
Please don’t let me down

(verse 1)

I’m riding by myself I’m moving solo
they tryna kick I don’t see a dojo
& I really don’t need them no more,
tryna gimme a ring, better give it Frodo
Cause they weren’t there when I was going loco
& Black male never see the postal
What you mean they tryna show me strength
when I couldn’t bench this pain of mine,
& my family my biggest kryptonite
don’t wanna be going back to the days of wondering were we sleep tonight,
avoiding first degrees but we don’t wanna freeze tonight
yeah the beast arrived
 just to eat the mike
& make it right ,
Doing wrongs for major right
It plain  simple I just wanna catch my flight
& go outta sight
& outta site
but outta spite in their mind
I still really climb
I’m finding my style


Please don’t hurt me now,
Please don’t hurt me now
Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down,


(Verse 2)

& sometimes I’m close to going psycho
Writing verses never touch the bible,
they killing for my knows
yeah they see the rhino,
tryna earn my riches with these vinyl’s,
I’m finding my style
while they minding my route
but I’m tryna show them what I’m really about,
I’m hoping my shoulders can weather droughts
& weather these doubts while I’m fighting these bouts
& my  heads in the cloud,
and I know the demons on the prowl
making sure ill be down and be out,
but I’m tryna disfigure these sounds
but my thoughts spinning round
and my insecurities starting to browse ,
and I cant be moving all mouse in my own fucking house
I gotta turn this around
before I’m determined a vermin on ground
I’m looking around for the friends that were supposedly down


Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
Please don’t hurt me now
Please don’t hurt me now
Please don’t,
Please don’t hurt me now
Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down