About Me

Ollie X
“Breathe Easy”

Ollie Okeowo commonly known as Ollie X or X Wood is a Canadian based rapper and a former member of ROUGIES CLIQUE. Following his hip hop, jazz and funk influences, Ollie X style emerges as a relatable artist with deep wordplay and a distinguishable tone. Ollie X career began around open mics and his music club (Young Artist Collective) which hosted periodic shows for any local artist looking to perform or share their art.

Previous to 2018, Ollie X has mysteriously gone on a disappearance act with no music or videos released. He has been spotted performing the occasional shows around Alberta and when confronted by fans for his lengthy radio silence, he responds he is “perfecting the arts”. He is set to debut his first solo album, “Viva La revolution” on February 16th of 2019. He describes it as an album for the people, the lower class.

A former gang member who’s witnessed the death of his best friend. Ollie X has revealed an eccentric commitment to the arts and to the youths in the community. This commitment has gravitated him away from the street life and into the creative hub of collaborating and creating music. Often commended for his laid back attitude and his displeasure for the mainstream spotlight, his interactions on social media are limited. Ollie X has confessed his challenge as social influencer who detest social marketing and social media but as our generation ventures into a cross road for real music, artist like Ollie X need to step into the forefront and lead the way for our generation


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