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United Records Incorporation 

Founded in 2018, it specializes on catering talent locally. 
They capitalize on the expanding entertainment market 
across the North American region through production and 
promotion of high quality entertainment. 

URI focuses on accentuating conscious art and entertainment 

typically prohibited or overshadowed by mainstream ideologies. 

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"U of L Graduate set to make waves in Canadian Music Scene"

[Lethbridge, Alberta. September, 2018]

Untitled Records Incorporation is proud to announce the debut release of Ollie X’s Album “Viva La Revolucion”. 

As a former member of Rougies Clique, Ollie X’s style is easily distinguishable due to his conscious and relatable lyrics. After working on the local community music scene and developing a platform for local artists, Ollie X’s debut album captures the predicaments encountered by millennials and the lower class. Viva La Revolucion revitalizes the Canadian Hip Hop Jazz sceen with heartfelt lyrics and a conscious subject matter.

Along with Viva La Revolucion, Ollie X's profile of work includes: Blvd of Broken dreams & the young artist collective. Click below for more info.

Profile of Work

Viva La Revolucion

Ollie X's Debut Album
Click here for the song list and lyric highlights.

Blvd Of Broken Dreams

Ollie X's Jazz album. It is still set to release soon. Click for more information

Young Artist Collective

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Ollie X & United Records Incorporation

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