Viva La

Viva La Revolucion (VLR) is the first studio album by Ollie X. The 18 track album is set to release in 2021. 

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Viva La Revolucion - Album

The album title was given its name to reflect the tempestuous nature of the millennial century. From the album title and its brief inclusion, the main themes explored within VLR were passion, power struggles and cyclical emotions. The album portrays a unique perspective of X, sounding completely different from his “hype” contemporaries by utilizing a soulful conscious approach. 


The album commences with ‘Grief’ a meta contextual Hip Hop Jazz quartet trio. The perspective of this song reflects the impoverish environment Ollie X feels imprisoned within. Sonically, the quintessential song befits the opening song of the album as it explores race, violence and classicism within society

“The Descent of Adam” explores the plummet of mortal man. The song navigates justice as a false premise for self-interest and circular reasoning with engrossing duality. The chorus are a soulful request to an omnipotent character. 


I’m hoping my shoulders can weather these droughts & weather these doubts, while I’m fighting these bouts. And my heads in the clouds, & I know the demons on the prowl, making sure I’ll be down and be out. But I’m tryna disfigure these sounds but my thoughts spinning round & my insecurities starting to browse…

In the Descent of Adam...

The protagonist was ready to commit distasteful acts for the right reasons during his low moments. On his lonesome journey, he comes to the realization that cannot do it on his own. His emotions cycles back to insecurity and reverts to the omnipotence character for reconciliation. 

Akin to Curtis Mayfield ‘There’s no place like America today’Scream for Peace explores secular issues in society such as systematic racism and police brutalityThe protagonist illustrates his restlessness and frustration in a slow jazz infused song, by negotiating peace as a weapon of redemptive power against the industry.


I was rapping just to better kids, rapping just to build a bridge, rapping for a couple now the couples have a couple kids, what the fuck is this? This track needs to be reviewed in context of the album as they serve as problematic injustices evident around the world. The metathetic wordplay on the word Peace “But right now I Scream for Peace, I Scream for Peace while you treat me like a piece of meat, it must appease, how I scream for peace, still never peace, I say this in pieces before the rest in peace’s. 

Cynicism and raspy undertone...

accentuated his innermost turmoil in Scream for Peace, by giving listeners a glimpse of the uncomfortable reality he feels encaged within. The production of the song is rich, with smooth intervening soulful textures and vocal layering from the vocalist Tyra. The opening verse encapsulate the contradiction of Ollie X well-wishing vs his current reality. This homophonic bon mot coupled against cascading trumpet evoke an eerie sensation making scream for peace a primary synecdoche for VLR contextual message.

Scream 4 PEACE

They Can't Stop Me.

Inspired by the prominent boxing movie, Rocky. Ollie X decide to embody the resilience of Rocky Balbao to rebuff helpless during times of struggle “It’s your right to listen to your gut, it ain’t nobody’s right to say no after you earned the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do! ”


Who gon stop me and Jesse Run It // Aint nobody can stop me when I’m changing, ain’t nobody can stop me with my dark skin, ain’t nobody can stop me never sorry.

A post apocalyptic song...

that manages to capture the stylistic element of our era without sacrificing tangible content in the process.  During the occurrence of a major revolution, the narrator is aware dishevel and turmoil will occur. Naturally, de-individuation occurs during rioting and looting but the narrator is remaining personally accountable for the disorder in this scenario.

Song List

403 North East

"And I was supposed to go to that house party, come in supply with a few Bacardi, but I couldn't drive because Coolz took my car keys, knew I drunk because its cold outside and I'm still wearing khakis..."

Hectors Defence

"Alas! The Gods have lured me on my destruction... death is now indeed exceedingly near at hand and there is no way out of it. My doom has come upon me; let me not die ingloriously and without a struggle but let me first do some great things that shall be told among men hereafter. "

Orpheus Scream

"I wonder if I rest in peace, like how I rest these beats, but then death won't let me be, and the sky will beam tryna scream. I'm a lion king, don't string no violins, don't think we stand at ease when the pastors preach, and I'm at your speech, and I'm snapping rapping frantically, on the edge of insanity."

Vantage Point

"If I could wear my heart on my sleeve, would you say you never knew me? If I could wear my heart on my sleeve, would you disclose you never knew, a reputation from cruelty, tryna couple the beast with beauty."

Rebels of Gallieo

"Its not about what you understand, it's about long it takes you to grow, because what IS what IS, from the beggining to end."

Matrim - Moan

"Together for life till death do us apart, but I know that part of death do us apart is playing on your thoughts, but I say Baby from the day we were born, we gotta be strong and we gotta keep moving along, and this will sanctify our bond and I know I might seem Armstrong.."

If You Want Me Too

"I'm thinking it's back, the feelings we had, I'm stuck in the past, I'm watching you pass, but I'm holding my heart and I'm chocking that's all, and this feeling this love, its eating me up its killing my gut, it's really too much."

Israfil's Trumpet

"Don't tell me you gon cry a river, don't tell me I'm gonna fire missiles because I know they ain't minor issues. And I'll be standing right there with you, blow it away, yeah hear the bell whistles, and I'm tryna elevate but 'll take the stares with you."

Knights of Pain

"I'm living in this human realm, I'm tryna prove myself, tryna que myself and improve myself, but honestly, I abuse myself. I bruise my health tryna get these belts. I'm screaming in louder decibels, with hopes you will hear me well."

Colin Kap

"I pray tryna save my nieces, we cut links like Jesus Pieces, never pray for leases, better move strategic, better show your CV. I'll be beastly boy. And they really need me boy, but I move with poise barely making noise, yet what else do they really want from me. "


"Don't cry and let me go, Don't cry and kill me slow, don't die and break our oath, don't cry my people no (x2)."