Ollie X – Grief (Video)


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I wanted the debut video for #VivaLaRevolucion to strictly be congruent with the message of the album.  #VivaLaRevolucion, the people’s album, is a rumination and reflection on the tempestuous nature of current society. From the album title and its brief inclusion, the main themes explored within VLR are the pursuit of mastery, bereavement, power struggles and cyclical emotions.

Grief portrays the turbulent times we live in as it highlights the quarrels, deaths and injustices within present society. Personally, every time I am briefed on worldly events or turn on the news or I become deeply frustrated. It has reached a point where I don’t check the news or stay informed. It’s disturbing how desensitized and unempathetic the world has become. We’ve had a lot of sleepless nights dedicated to Grief! It’s been such a journey working on Grief from the long commutes, the frustrations, the hangovers, and joy working on this project.  Big shout out to TELUS StoryHive for making this dream possible. This is the first video to many more forthcoming projects that will be released from myself & URI MEDIA. Here’s a little stanza inspired by Grief.


I felt a grief as to many things.
I feel a grievance for summers with no spring
I felt a grievance to my brothers’ police had decreased
I feel a grievance to my childhood memories on a swing,
I feel a grievance for the system I feel trapped in
I felt a grievance to capitalism.
But I feel my grievance to always my pessimism


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  1. “Losing family or close friends is a grief beyond telling, you don’t forget. You can’t, they were part of what made you what you are. I look at the sky on a starry night and wonder ‘Where are you now?’ I have learned to place them all in a little pocket next to my heart. I carry them with me where ever I go and in the years in between I speak to them in different ways and at different times when they help me to shoulder the burdens of life.”

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